CONTINENTAL PANINI Regular Leg Ham, Mortadella, Hungarian Salami, Cheese Swiss, Pickled Capsicum & Melezane and Lettuce($9)

BIG CONTINENTAL THE WORKS Leg Ham, Mortadella, Hungarian Salami, Cheese Swiss, Pickled Capsicum & Melezane, Mixed Italian Salad and Sundried Tomato pesto

FREE RANGE CHICKEN CAESAR Avocado Free Range Chicken, Cheddar cheese, Avocado, Lettuce Cos and Caesar Mayo

CHICKEN & Bacon Free Range Chicken, Cheddar cheese, Streaky Bacon, Lettuce Cos and Caesar Mayonnaise

TRUFFLE CHICKEN Roast Chicken Breast Slices, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Red onion, Mixed lettuce, Fresh Avocado and Truffle Mayonnaise

THE NEW YORKER (whole grain roll) Wagyu roast Beef, Spiced cumin Gouda, Pickled Gherkin, Lettuce and Wholegrain mustard

V.I.P. VERY ITALIAN PANINI Prosciutto di Parma, Provolone cheese, Cherry Tomato, Marinated Artichoke, Fresh basil, Basil pesto, Bocconcini and Mixed Italian salad

VERY VEGE PANINI (whole grain roll) Roast Pumpkin, sun dried tomatoes, Caramelised onion, Grilled Eggplant, Fetta cheese, Mixed lettuce and Beetroot Chutney

THE AUSSIE ROLL Ham off the bone, Aged Cheddar Cheese, Soft Brie, Cherry Tomato, Lettuce, Mustard and Truffle Mayo

AUSSIE Ham, Brie, Cherry Tomato and Red Pesto

BAHN MI Vietnamese French baguette, Veal Pate, Coriander Pesto, Homemade Roast Pork or Duck, Asian Slaw, Cucumber, Fresh basil and Jalapeño

CHILLI FONZI Three types of our Hottest Salami, Moroccan Pesto, Shaved Pradera Cheese, Jalapeños , Chopped Sundried Tomato, Sliced Chilli Olives and Mixed Greens