‘I can handle it and I can beat it’: How you can help support Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

This year’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea will look fairly different than others with the Cancer Council encouraging Australians to take their morning tea online.

Here in WA, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea ambassador David Infirri took the time to share his journey with Stage 4 bowel cancer. The busy cafe-owner was diagnosed last year when his wife was pregnant with their first child but Mr Infirri used his ‘Sicilian stubbornness’ to push on.

“One of my aunties said to me, ‘the cross you bear is only as heavy as you can carry’ now I kind of live by that because I think ‘well I can handle it, that’s why I’ve got it, because I can handle it and I can beat it’,” he said.

“My community, everyone around me and the shop in Kingsley have been so fantastic over the last 12 months, it’s shown me how much good there is in the world.”

Take a listen to David’s inspiring story below. Get involved with Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea here and David’s cafe here.